Biscuit chocolate

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Ingredientswheat flour, sugar, potato starch, leavening agent: citric acid E330, sodium bicarbonate E500
net weight300 г
shelf life12 мес.
GOST/TUТУ 9195-011-53853961-07
Type of packingcarton box
package quantity26 шт

Lush, delicate and airy.... Traditional sponge cake is considered to be one of the most delicious and favorite treats among children and adults. Today with the help of sponge cakes are real works of art - the best cakes in the world, but even without toppings and cream simply baked sponge cake is a delicious dessert, ready to eat.

We have designed for you, ready cake mixes, made in strict accordance with the original recipes, baking unusually lush, soft and voluminous classic air biscuits of excellent quality. Thanks to the unique recipe of biscuit mix "Great kitchen" making fresh homemade cakes now everyone can, even without a special culinary experience.