Cocoa drink instant, 100 g

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Ingredientscocoa powder, sugar, maltodextrin, flavorings, identical to natural "Vanilla", "Chocolate"
net weight100 г
shelf life12 мес.
GOST/TUTU 9198-009-53853961-07
Type of packingcarton box
package quantity70 шт

Cocoa drink is useful for active physical and mental work, is considered an excellent antidepressant. In the morning it energizes, and in the evening, relieve fatigue and tension. The popularity of cocoa is due to the tighten taste and virtually no contraindications for use and rich content of mineral properties in the composition.

Part of the "maltodextrin" (starch syrup) is absolutely safe component widely used in food industry and pharmacology in the preparation of nutrient mixtures for infants. Cocoa beverage it prevents clumping and ensures the flowability of the mixture.