Mashed potatoes in a Cup with chicken flavor

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Ingredientspotato flakes, salt, parsley, dried, food flavor gobavica "Kurica" (amplifiers of taste and aroma)
net weight40 г
shelf life12 мес.
GOST/TUTU 9194-023-5789401-02
Type of packingcup
package quantity20 шт

The history of the potato has its roots in South America. For a long time, people have learned to grow many varieties of potatoes. This vegetable has become very popular in Russia.

One of the most common dishes of potatoes became mashed potatoes. Use mashed potatoes lies in its chemical composition. The product contains natural starch which gives a person a boost of energy, and the child it is necessary for the normal development of skin cells, contains fiber, greatly improving the digestive system as a whole.

Mashed potatoes in a Cup "With chicken flavor" - it's high quality ingredients, convenient format for a snack at work or on the road. Due to the ease and quickness to prepare mashed potatoes can even child, it is enough to add boiling water, stir and let stand 5 minutes.