Kvass 200 g

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Ingredientsbread crumbs made from flour mixture of rye and wheat, non-fermented rye malt, rye bread crumbs
net weight200 г
shelf life24 мес.
GOST/TUTU 9185-007-53853961-07
Type of packingtape
package quantity40 шт

In VI century BC the Egyptians used a drink, in composition resembling modern kvass. But the birthplace of this home brew, considered Russia. Ancient Chronicles indicate that the brew in Kievan Rus used everywhere. In Rus kvass was an everyday drink, but its presence in any home it was a symbol of prosperity.

Kvas is one of the most nutritious and healthy drinks. It contains many vitamins of b group and E, H, PP, minerals and amino acids. The beverage used for medicinal purposes:

- to strengthen the immune system;
- to improve digestion;
- to restore healthy intestinal flora;
- to relieve tension;
- to accelerate metabolism;
- to improve vision;
- to improve the structure of blood;
- to eliminate heaviness in the stomach;
- to suppress weakness, fatigue;
- for the treatment of cardiovascular system;
- for the treatment of diabetes;
- to combat freckles, acne, skin diseases.

Use homemade kvass is invaluable. You just drink a drink, but this time your body is saturated with amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and the internal organs and body systems gradually return to normal! This is the easiest and most pleasant option for the prevention and treatment of many diseases.