Seasoning for chicken

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The main advantage of windmills is the fact that the aroma of freshly ground spices is nothing compared to the packaged crushed spices.
The chicken itself has a subtle and delicate flavor, so seasoning is for the chicken only needs to give a new shade ready obluda, not overshadowing the main taste. But here can not do without easy ostrenko, which is why the structure of our seasoning for chicken comes with several varieties of pepper: black, green, white and pink.
When cooking chicken in cooked, add the seasoning for a few minutes until tender, if you cook the marinade for later frying or roasting, seasoning is best added beforehand and to let the poultry soak.

Ingredients: salt stone, black pepper, pepper, sweet peas, pepper, green peas, pepper, pink polka dots, white polka dots pepper, coriander, peas, dried green peppers, dried garlic.