Dry whole milk, 160 g

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Ingredientsdry whole milk
net weight160 г
shelf life8 мес.
GOST/TUGOST Р 52791-2007
Type of packingdoy-pack with zipper
package quantity35 шт


Dry whole milk is not inferior to fresh cow's no color or smell. It is a mistake to assume that consists of dry solid chemistry, because it is made from the same natural fresh milk. Accordingly possesses those same qualities.

Briefly describe manufacturing process of milk powder, the natural fresh milk is first condensed, and then dried. The result is a milk powder which has longer shelf life than fresh milk pasteurized. A big plus in favor of milk powder is that there is no need to boil it, because it has been subjected to heat treatment.

Dry milk contains vitamin B12, which is so necessary for people suffering from certain forms of anemia. The composition of milk powder includes all the same components as in the composition of fresh cow's milk. It's protein and potassium, carbohydrates and calcium, minerals and vitamins D, B1, A. there Are in it twenty amino acids directly involved in biosynthesis.