Easter set No. 1, Palekh

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Ingredientsfood coloring: yellow(E102), red(Е122), green(E142), blue(Е133); the labels "Palekh"
net weight12 г
shelf life36 мес.
GOST/TUTU 2245-015-53853961-2007
Type of packingcarton box
package quantity120 шт

Part of the Easter pack # 1 includes 4 bags with dyes of yellow, red, green, blue, and 7 labels. Thermal otlichajutsja subject: Gzhel, icon, Khokhloma, Palekh.

The packaging is equipped with a latch for placement on a strip tapes and other retaining structures.
Easter set No. 1, Palekh.

Palekh is a form of art. According to legend, the name comes from the name of a settlement in which produced these images. To create a new settlement the people were burned and scorched forest, hence the name. People who lived in Palekh, called studios, Palekh was known among they skilled craft painters. Subsequently, they were so valued as artists that they were invited to paint churches and temples throughout Russia.