"Nizkokaloriynuy sugar" with stevia, 300 g

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"Nizkokaloriynuy sugar" with stevia, 300 g
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Ingredientssugar, stevioside
net weight300 г
shelf life36 months
GOST/TUTU 9111-029-36897603-15
Type of packingcarton box
package quantity40 шт

"Nizkokaloriynuy sugar" with stevia is:

- Sugar with natural stevia;
- Safe product, contributing to the prevention of overweight;
- 1 cube = 3 normal cubes of refined sugar (for sweetness);
- 3 times sweeter 3 times less calories, 3 times more economical!
- 300 g = 1 kg of ordinary sugar (for sweetness);

Stevia (stevioside) has unique medical and health properties: reduces the level of glucose in the blood, lowers cholesterol, increases metabolism, strengthens the immune system, slows the aging process reduces appetite and weight in General. Stevia extract sweeter than regular sugar by more than 100 times.

The sweetener extracted from the leaves is applied on each slice of refined sugar, the resulting product is 3 times sweeter than regular sugar. Stevia is not lightly the gastrointestinal tract, its glycemic index is zero, so the human body does not get calories. "Low calorie sugar" is a natural and safe product for the body.

In sweetness to 1 cube low-calorie sugar = 3 normal cubes of refined sugar, i.e. sugar consumption falls 3 times! If you are accustomed to put into the Cup 3 piece traditional sugar, for maintaining the same level of sweetness with low calorie, you only need 1 die. So that you reduce the amount of sugar, and with it the number of calories. Instead of 60 calories – 20 calories! In 3 times less!

Sugar can be used in drinks, cakes, confectionaries, jam, compotes. Add it in 3 times less than stated in the recipe.



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