Breadcrumbs for chicken, 200 g

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Ingredientsbreadcrumbs , carrots, cheese, extra salt, turmeric, red pepper powder, parsley, dried coriander powder
net weight200 г
shelf life24 мес.
GOST/TUTU 9185-017-53853961-07
Type of packingcarton box
package quantity25 шт

The word "breading" comes from the French paner, meaning to sprinkle bread crumb. Breadcrumbs are a product that is regularly used by Housewives for cooking various dishes.

In breadcrumbs contains many useful trace elements: sodium and potassium, zinc and phosphorus, iron and vitamins b, PP, K, e. in addition, biscuits contain fatty acids, monosaccharides, and fiber.

The breadcrumbs form a dense layer that prevents leakage of juice in the process of cooking. They lend a unique taste, while maintaining the beneficial vitamins and minerals in the body.