Soup in the briquette, pea

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Soup in the briquette, pea
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 Soups "Great kitchen" is a turnkey solution delicious and fragrant dishes every day. A high-quality product created by the original homemade recipe. Due to the ease and quickness to prepare familiar and favorite dish now everyone can, even without a special culinary experience.

The soup company is a quick and easy option of a full hot lunch at home and in the field. Briquetted soup without undue hardship may be made at the 8 servings.

The history of the origin of pea soup has its roots in antiquity. It is known that the dish was served in Ancient Greece. And these days there are many different variations of the recipe of pea soup.

Ingredients: peas, salt, wheat flour, vegetable oil (contains palm oil), dehydrated vegetables (carrots, onions), food additive "Broth with beef flavor" allowed by Rospotrebnadzor of the Russian Federation, dried herbs, flavor enhancer and flavor (monosodium glutamate), turmeric