Action 5+1 in February

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Action 5+1 in February 02.02.2017 08:11

February 1 starts the action 5+1 for nuts and dried fruits.
When buying all 5 seats from the range, participating in the action, 1 place in the present.
The list of products involved in the action:

Pineapple 300g
Raisins 300g (white)
Raisins 300g (red)
Cashew nut 300g
Waffles "darkie" 300g
Waffles "Fergana" 300g
Waffles a "southern" 300g
Dried apricots 300g
Almond nut 300g
Papaya 300g
The mixture nut "Meats" 300g
Mix fruit Malibu 300g
Mix fruit "Delight" 300g
Mix fruit punch 300g
Mix fruit and nut "Tea" 300g
Pistachios 180g
Pistachios 40g
Hazelnut nut 300g
Mustard 300g TP

The offer is valid until 28 February 2017. For the product at the same time can participate in only 1 action.

Specify the details at managers of the sales Department.